MSK Ultrasound Course 4

Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves


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Content MUST-4

The MUST-4 reviews systematically and comprehensive all aspects Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves.

MUST-4 course is a two and a half day interactive course consisting of:

  • 8 Advanced lectures on Normal Anatomy, Scanning Technique – incl. Live Demo’s
  • 8 Pathology Lectures
  • 8 Hands-on workshops

Course objectives

Through the lectures and practical interactive sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Review normal anatomy, variants and biomechanics of neuro-musculoskeletal structures and recognize related pathology as seen on ultrasound;
  • Develop comprehensive skills for performing neuro-musculoskeletal ultrasound examinations of the Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves under expert guidance;
  • Highlight pros & cons and potential pitfalls of ultrasound imaging the Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves;
  • Conduct confident advanced neuro-musculoskeletal ultrasound examinations

Lectures presented by Carlo Martinoli

Plenary sessions with frontal lectures are presented by prof. Carlo Martinoli.

These are set at a highly advanced level to give comprehensive, in-depth information on the musculoskeletal area that is pertinent to the program.


Hands-on sessions

The hands-on sessions are tailored to meet the needs of beginner-level learners, as well as those at more advanced levels.

Advantages of MUST-4:

  • Very advanced teaching of anatomy by Carlo Martinoli;
  • Become familiar with Martinoli’s systematic approach of ultrasonography of the Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves
  • Discover the benefits of the precise scanning techniques of the Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves;
  • Get fascinated by Carlo Martinoli’s unparalleled pathology lectures;
  • Improve your ultrasound skills during the workshops. Carlo and the instructors will assist you to put new knowledge into practical skills.


Accreditation for MUST-4 course: the Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves.

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For Who

The MUST-4 course: the Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves is aimed at:

  • musculoskeletal radiologists
  • rheumatologists
  • orthopaedic surgeons
  • physical medicine
  • rehabilitation specialists
  • sports physicians
  • physiotherapists
  • any other medical professionals with an interest in musculoskeletal ultrasound


  • English is the official language.
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Schedule MUST-4:Upper and Lower Extremity Nerves

Keynote Lecture:

‘Ultrasound of the Brachial Plexus and the Nerves around the Neck’

18:45 Brachial Plexus –  Anatomy and Scanning Technique – incl. Live Demo
19:15 Brachial Plexus Injuries
19:45 Nerves around the Neck – Anatomy and Pathology – incl. Live Demo
20:15 Coffee break
20:45 Nerves around the Shoulder – Anatomy and Pathology – incl. Live Demo
21:15 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – incl. vascular syndromes
21:45 Refreshment

Day 1 MUST-4

Upper Extremity Nerves

08:30 Opening
08:45 Recap Brachial Plexus and Cervical Nerves
09:00 Hands-on Workshop-I (Brachial Plexus Roots, Trunks & Divisions; Suprascapular; Long Thoracic; Phrenic; Dorsal Scapular; Proximal Supraclavicular (homohyoid area); Greater Auricular/Lesser Occipital; Transverse Cervical; Greater Occipital; Spinal Accessory; Vagus)
10:00 Recap Shoulder Nerves
10:15 Coffee break
10:45 Hands-on Workshop-II (Brachial Plexus Cords; Distal Suprascapular (scapular notches); Axillary (anterior and Q-space); Lateral and Medial Pectoral; Thoracodorsal; Musculocutaneous)
11:45 Nerves in the Arm, Elbow and Proximal Forearm – Normal Anatomy Scanning Technique & Pathology – incl. Live Demo
12:45 Lunch break
13:30 Hands-on Workshop-III (Medial Brachial Cutaneous (MBCN); Medial Antebrachial Cutaneous (MABCN); Median (incl. pronator area) and Anterior Interosseous; Ulnar (incl. cubital tunnel); Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous (LABCN); Radial & Posterior Antebrachial Cutaneous (PABC); Posterior Interosseous and Superficial Branch of the Radial)
14:30 Nerves in the Distal Forearm, Wrist and Hand – Normal Anatomy Scanning Technique & Pathology – incl. Live Demo
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Hands-on Workshop-IV (Median #1 (carpal tunnel), palmar cutaneous & recurrent motor branch; Median #2 (distal common and proper digital branches); Ulnar #1 (Guyon tunnel) & Dorsal Cutaneous Branch (distal forearm); Ulnar #2 (superficial sensory & motor branches); Distal Sensory Branch of the Radial; Dorsal Interosseous)
17:30 End of Day-1

Day 2: MUST-4

Lower Extremity Nerves

08:30 Nerves in the Hip & Thigh – Normal Anatomy Scanning Technique & Pathology – incl. Live Demo
09:15 Hands-on Workshop-V (Iliohypogastric & Ilioinguinal (Genitofemoral); Lateral Femoral Cutaneous; Femoral & Proximal Saphenous; Obturator (anterior & posterior branches); Sciatic (incl. piriformis area), Posterior Femoral Cutaneous and Pudendal; Superior & Inferior Gluteal)
10:15 Coffee break
10:45 Nerves in the Knee & Leg – Normal Anatomy Scanning Technique & Pathology – incl. Live Demo
11:45 Hands-on Workshop-VI (Superior & Inferior Genicular; Saphenous (infrapatellar branch); Sciatic Bifurcation; Proximal Tibial & Common Peroneal; Superficial & Deep Peroneal (incl. articular branch); Medial & Lateral Sural Cutaneous; Proximal Sural)
12:45 Lunch break
13:30 Nerves in the Ankle – Normal Anatomy Scanning Technique & Pathology – incl. Live Demo
14:30 Hands-on Workshop-VII (Distal Tibial (tarsal tunnel) and Medial Calcanear; Medial Plantar; Lateral Plantar & Inferior Calcanear; Distal Sural & Lateral Dorsal Cutaneous; Deep Peroneal)
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Nerves in the Midfoot and Forefoot – Normal Anatomy Scanning Technique & Pathology – incl. Live Demo
16:30 Hands-on Workshop-VIII (Deep peroneal (terminal sensory branch); Medial & Intermediate Dorsal Cutaneous; Common Digital and Morton Neuroma; Hallucal (dorsal & plantar))
17:30 Closing remarks


2-day MSK-US course & Keynote Lecture