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Imaging of neuropathies about the hip

Authors Carlo Martinoli a,∗, Maribel Miguel-Perez b, Luca Paduac, Nicola Gandolfo d, Anna Ziccaa, Alberto Tagliafico a b s t r a c t Abstract Neuropathies about the hip may be cause of chronic pain and disability. In most cases, these conditions derive from mechanical or dynamic compression of a segment of a nerve within a […]

Brachial Plexus and Nerves about the Shoulder

Abstract Ultrasound (US) and MR imaging have been shown able to detect in-depth features of brachial plexus anatomy and to localize pathological lesions in disorders where electrophysiology and physical findings are nonspecific or nonlocalizing. High-end gradient technology, phased array coils, and selection of an appropriate protocol of pulse sequences are the main requirements to evaluate […]